Eating intelligently is an art

We cater for those who are all about convenience but don’t want to compromise their health and the nutritional value of their food. People who appreciate simplicity yet value creativity.


By combining just the right balance of the purest ingredients, each of our products is a celebration of flavours and tastes that delight.


We make wholesome nutritional food that by design is good for you. Delicious functional food that’s never at the expense of your health and wellbeing.


Our products support healthy living by providing more choice, convenience and plenty of guilt-free pleasures that are good for you.

About Nutriseed

Nutriseed is in the business of health, and wellness and our functional foods tick all the boxes when it comes to flavour, nutrition, and convenience. Always delicious – when you eat a Nutriseed product – there’s no compromise.

We produce food that supports good living, but never at the expense of taste. The carefully chosen ingredients in the NuSeed snack range and the NuMe baking products and cereals are prepared in a way that accentuates their natural taste profile.

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NuSeed Snacking Range

Seed-delicious - Seed-nutritious

NuMe Low Carb Premixes

Love the change.... choose NuMe for a new you

Chocolate Brownie Mix

A blend of ground pecan nuts, sunflower flour, cocoa, sugar-free chocolate and xylitol makes this a healthy indulgence.

2 Minute Cake in a cup

The highest quality cocoa and coconut flour forms the base of this premix. Just add egg, coconut oil and water. Enjoy.

nu me low carb baking bread mixture

Bread Mixture

A blend of sunflower and linseed flours, have been combined to form a gluten-free, high fibre, nutritious, low carb bread.


Eat well. Live well. Be well.

Diabetes Friendly Food

World Diabetes Awareness Month: It’s true, a diabetic diet can be restrictive, but when you have premium baking premixes like our NuMe Cake in a Cup in your pantry – a diabetes diagnosis doesn’t have to end the joy of indulgent eating. Thanks to our inspired product formulation and clever ingredient combining, diabetics can still […]

Can Food Affect your Mood?

Food strategies for mood maintenance  There’s no getting around it – food affects how we feel and diet helps to shape your mental health from the inside out.  Eating food that supports your body will not only help your waistline this winter – it will improve your mood, give you more energy and help you […]

Get All Nutriseed Products at Cost

At Nutriseed our food is made with integrity. We are committed to developing products packed with delicious flavours that honour the nutritional integrity of each ingredient. More than that – we prepare our food in a way that accentuates the natural taste of each carefully chosen component in our home-grown recipes. We don’t use any […]

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