Video Tutorials

NuMe "Not so Naughty" Brownies

Moist, nutty in flavour, rich, yet not too sweat – our NuMe “Not So Naughty” pecan nut brownies are the definition of guilt-free eating at its best!  Gluten and sugar-free, low carb, high in fibre with no artificial additives – they are a dense, decadent delight that’s oozing with flavour and made with ingredients that are good for you. Watch this short tutorial so you too can bake our unbeatable brownies.

NuMe Bread Rolls

Like all our products our NuMe bread roll mix is as versatile as it is good for you. Here are some suggestions on how best to bring out the flavours of your rolls without the hassle of exhaustive preparation. Best eaten warm and dripping with butter – these rolls will melt in your mouth. Full of goodness and flavour  – why not watch this short video with your kids and you can enjoy some baking time together.

NuMe Gluten-Free Bread

With our low-carb gluten-free bread – made from sunflower and flaxseed flours – even if you’re gluten intolerant, you’ll never have to go without. Buttery bread and warm toast doesn’t have to be excluded from your diet. It’s quick and easy to bake – and is a delicious alternative particularly for coeliacs and those who suffer from wheat and gluten sensitives. It’s equally awesome for anyone who prefers a low carb – high protein diet.

NuMe "Not so Naughty" Muffins

A simple beginning with a delicious ending – that’s the best way to describe our NuMe chocolate pecan nut muffins. A celebration of flavour and wholesome ingredients – our “Not So Naughty” muffins are made from a blend of ground pecan nuts, sunflower flour, cocoa, sugar-free chocolate and xylitol. With functional ingredients that are extremely high in protein and dietary fibre – you can enjoy our muffins for breakfast – guilt-free.