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NuMe is our premium range of gluten-free baking premixes which we proudly brand as functional food. Every carefully chosen component is not just a substitute – but an ingredient that’s good for you and designed to enhance your natural health and wellbeing. Sugar-free, low carb, with no artificial additives, these premixes are incredibly easy to bake, versatile and exceptionally high in protein and dietary fibre. All our NuMe products hero the natural flavours of the nutritious ingredients we use.

NuMe Not So Naughty Chocolate & Pecan Nut Brownie Mix

Chocolate & Pecan Brownie Mix

Blending ground pecan nuts, with sunflower flour, cocoa, sugar-free chocolate and xylitol makes this a decadent not so naughty gluten-free indulgence that's hard to resist.

NuMe Not So Naughty Chocolate & Pecan Nut Muffin Mix

Chocolate & Pecan Muffin Mix

Designed with flavour in mind, our chocolate and pecan nut muffin premix is gluten and sugar-free, low-carb, high protein and a guilt-free not so naughty treat.

2 Minute Chocolate Cake in a Cup

This decadent premix is a blend of the highest quality cocoa and coconut. Conveniently packaged in separate sachets, our cup-cakes are a blissful sugar-free chocolate delight.

NuMe Low Carb Baking Bread Roll Mix

Bread Roll Mix

A nutritious and delicious low-carb, gluten free, high in protein bread roll premix, formulated with almond and sunflower flour.

NuMe Low Carb Baking Bread Mixture

Bread Mixture

Sunflower and linseed flours have been blended to form a high fibre, nutritious, low-carb, gluten-free bread that’s also high in protein.

NuMe Low Carb Instant Cereal

Instant Cereal

An instant cereal made with milled fruit, seeds and nuts: almond, sunflower, flax and coconut. Add milk or water and sweeten with honey/xylitol.