My fitness journey began at an early age. As a child I tried all sport, including swimming, ballet. At about 14 I started doing karate and achieved brown plus 2 belt, which is just before black belt. The 1st time I stepped into gym at 18, it was like love at 1st site! However I had the good old myth in mind, don’t pick up any weights as it will make you “manly”. So for about 5 years, it was endless hours of cardio. Then a friend introduced me to weight training and it completely changed my life. For the past 3 years I have also been training with a personal trainer and recently have started doing SWEAT1000 classes just to mix things up.

I think my love affair with fitness has made me focused in both my personal and professional life, while I hold a corporate job which takes me to all corners of South Africa. I keep my fitness at the centre of everything, so no aeroplane food and always make time for gym while I travel.

This year June, I decided to take my love for fitness to the next level by competing in my 1st in a WBFF show. I did 2 divisions – Beach Bikini and Fitness bikini. 15 weeks of preparation all came together as I stepped on stage, confident, proud of myself. I believe if you put your mind to anything you will most definitely make it happen. It was a huge personal goal and I’m not stopping either. In 2016 I will compete in various competitions.

I believe that as a healthy individual you need to have a balanced lifestyle, that why I always choose my Nu Seed snacks for a healthy snack alternative. While I travel, they keep my cravings at bay. So no reaching for a chocolate but for a healthy Nu Seed snack that keeps me full between meals.

My favourite is Belgian Chocolate with berries, seeds and nuts…. Who says healthy can’t be fun!