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Our Brand Story – Our DNA



NutriSeed is a truly South African business that was founded on the premise that while there are no shortcuts to good health – good health is achievable. With a desire to eat delicious food, that’s equally nourishing and healthy, without the hassle of exhaustive preparation, but unable to satisfy this aspiration, our founder Nadine Hardy Silcock, opted to solve the dilemma herself. She began experimenting, creating, and exploring – developing her own food. Little was she to know that this decision was to be the start of her new career and what morphed NutriSeed into the business it is today. A company producing high quality snacks, baking products and cereals, rich in protein, and low in carbs.

Nadine’s desire to produce high quality, delicious yet nutritious foods that promote longevity, health and wellness for families who are stretched for time is a journey that began in 2006.

Always delicious – when you eat a Nutriseed product – there’s no compromise. We produce food that supports good living, but never at the expense of taste.  The carefully chosen ingredients are prepared in a way that accentuates their natural taste profile.

Constantly innovating and introducing new lines, we are determined to provide more choice, more convenience and plenty of guilt-free pleasures that are good for you.  We try and help consumers to build a bridge between bad eating habits and a healthier lifestyle, without compromising on taste and convenience.

Our philosophy is simple yet uncompromising; put love, care and generosity at the heart of everything we do.




As we continue to build our brand and establish Nutriseed as a trusted household name, we will unwaveringly engage with the outside world with: Honesty, Integrity, Generosity and Care – while always looking out for the community around us. Believing that real corporate philanthropy goes way beyond financial investment – we never just donate funds to causes close to our hearts but instead spend time with, and in, the community where we are working to bring about much needed social change.


Building a loyal base of consumers who are passionate about our products is what we strive to achieve; that’s what real acknowledgment looks like and what drives us. While this may be true, we could not be prouder of the industry awards to our name. The recognition our products have received affirms the ingenuity and progressive approach we take when it comes to food technology. We are grateful for the awards and for the respect of our contemporaries – all of which confirms our position as a real contender in the food industry:


  • Nutriseed’s NuSeed and snacking products range was the overall winner in the 2015 FOOD REVIEW/Symrise New Product Competition
  • Nutriseed Vanilla and Cinnamon Roasted Seeds with Chia was the runner up in the 2017 FOOD REVIEW/Symrise New Product Competition
Nutriseed Awards


While we began as a family business in 2006, and in many ways still operate like one, we have grown into a dynamic, progressive and solutions-driven food-manufacturing business that maintains the highest possible operating standards. Our 20 strong team, including admin, factory staff and a team of sales reps, all operate out of our Gauteng office which accommodates a factory that is ISO compliant (Food Safety System Certification 22000) and it’s here that all our product ranges are prepared and packaged. The quality and integrity of our products is only made possible because of the investment we have made into our factory and our advanced technology; that and the fact that the chemistry in our team helps spark innovation and ideas that allows us to keep delivering exciting new products to the South African market.


The NuMe low carb cereal and the full NutriSeed range of products are all endorsed by the Noakes Foundation’s Eat Better South Africa (EBSA) intervention programme.


EBSA is the community outreach branch of the Noake’s foundation, and is an intervention programme aimed at educating people about the benefits of eating better to get better.


EBSA’s mission is to create awareness about the dangers of excessive sugar and carbohydrate consumption. The focus is on communities in lower income areas – and aims to teach them how to make better food choices – through dietary education, meal and budget planning, and general nutritional awareness.

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